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From: Lois Masters <>
Subject: [WILLIAMSON] Aulden Williamson-a new posit
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 20:54:34 -0700 (PDT)

It has been suggested that the father of Aulden
Williamson (born about 1750 in New Kent Co., Virginia)
was Hugh Williamson. However, I have seen no
documentation for this lineage. It further appears
that Hugh was not a given name used in the successive
generations of the Williamson family. That would give
further credibility to the idea of Hugh Williamson as
the progenitor.

In Middlesex Co., Virginia from early times, there was
an Alldin (various spellings) family and a Williamson
family. The earliest land entries for the Alldin
family appear to date from 1685. The earliest land
entries for the Williamson family date from 1698.
These two families were united by marriage, albeit the
known union was a Williamson female who married an
Alldin male.

John Alldin received 189 acres that had been
initially granted to Robert Williamson. In the will
of Robert Williamson dated 1716, he passed this land
to his son Benjamin Williamson. And by his will of 28
April 1726, Benjamin Williamson gave the same 189
acres to his sister Martha Williamson, who was the
wife of Lawrence Orrill. Lawrence and Martha Orrill
transferred this land to John Alldin.

In my database, my records show six Benjamin
Williamsons - indicating a preference for this given
name. Although Benjamin is not an unusual given name,
it is not as common as John, William, and James. Of
course those and the usual female names, Mary and
Elizabeth recur in both families(i.e. Aulden
Williamson's descendants and the Middlesex Co., Va
Williamson families) but that is basically

It is interesting to me that John Alldin was the
apparent patriarch of the Alldin family in Middlesex
Co., Va as early as 1707. Benjamin Williamson, son of
Robert, was also a major figure in Middlesex Co., Va.

There are some other factors which don't fit -
Augustine, Clara and Martha are early Middlesex Co.,
Va given names in the Williamson family but do not
appear in the descendants of Aulden Williamson.

It appears to me that Middlesex Co., Va and New Kent
Co., Va would have, at one time, bordered each other
prior to the creation of King and Queen County and
King William County. Admittedly, the formation of
these counties does predate the birth of Aulden

Unfortunately these counties are among the
"burned-out" counties, and documentation simply may
not exist to prove or disprove these ideas.

I would appreciate input or feedback - particularly
with suggestions on where or what original records
might be available to research. Please don't suggest
some Family Tree Maker or other type of compilation
of genealogies or cd's.

In my signature are links to my two web sites. The
site with "family library" in the title is in database
format and is more comprehensive - although because of
recent research, it is incomplete insofar as
Williamsons are concerned.

Thank you

L J Masters

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