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Subject: RE: [NS-CB-L] "ALEXANDER MACNEIL" of St.Rose (a.k.a Broad Cove Ponds)
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Some excerpts from "Drummer on Foot" below:

Donald {Gillis (Oban)} moved to Cape Breton when a young man. He married
Margaret McNeil, daughter of Alexander McNeil, (Saor), Broad Cove Ponds, now
called St. Rose. He lived for a while at Upper S.W. Margaree, and later at
St. Rose. Subsequently he and his family moved to Codroy, Nfld., where he
prospered. Many of his descendants must be living there now, for he had a
large family, - nine sons and several daughters. They are said to have been
very enterprising and progressive, and pursuing a maritime life, several of
them were sea captains, owning vessels of their own.


Donald (Hugh's Son)
Donald McIsaac, Hugh, was married to Mary, daughter of Alex. McPherson,
tailor, who went to Broad Cove, Inv. County, from some part of Antigonish
Co., and was married to a daughter of John McNeil, Saor.

Donald (Hugh's) family consisted of Archy, a comfortable farmer with family
on the homestead; Hugh, who died years ago; Mary, Penelope, Sarah, widow of
John McNeil, St. Rose; Flora, Mrs. Donald McDougall, Rear: Ann, Mrs. Alex.
McDonald, Up. Margaree; Catherine, Mrs. Alex. H. McDougall, his first
marriage. The last three are dead, and one or two more died young.


Don MacFarlane

See MacFarlane and related genealogies here:

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Subject: Re: [NS-CB-L] "ALEXANDER MACNEIL" of St.Rose (a.k.a Broad Cove

Hello Juanita,
What is the source for this information? I know that there is a
little bit about these MacNeils in Rankin's History of Antigonish.
I do think you may be on to something here.
Thanks, Vince

joseph macdonald wrote:

>Hello Bill, Peggy, Vince and All,
>For you and those who are researching "ALEXANDER MCNEIL" of St. Rose
>(a.k.a Broad Cove Ponds) this should prove interesting enough to take
>his family back even further than when he came to St. Rose (a.k.a. Broad
>Cove Ponds), Inverness Co., CapeBreton.
>Fidhleir'; HUGH MCNEIL, 'an Tuarthanach'
>"Alexander McNeil, 'Saor' (Saor, means Shipwright, Joiner, Carpenter)
>came apparently with his brothers, JOHN and DONALD from MOIDART,
>SCOTLAND, (they were apparently native of Moidart) @ 1802 to join their
>brother HUGH MCNEIL who had emigrated to Nova Scotia and had settled at
>FRASER'S MILLS, Upper South River, Antigonish Co. N.S. It possibly could
>have been the brother JOHN MCNEIL who had come first as a man by that
>name was noted as one of the first settlers at Fraser's Mills, @ 1800.
>"John McNeil" along with Ronald MacDonald, and Augustine MacDonald
>supposedly had emigrated from Scotland @ 1800, on the sailing ship NORA,
>landing at Pictou and from there they came and settled at Fraser's
>Mills, Antigonish County, N.S.
>"Alexander McNeil, Saor", apparently settled on the eastern side of
>Fraser's Mills, eventually selling his property to one Donald
>McGillivrary and than moving to CapeBreton. Had he gone to CapeBreton by
>a direct route I don't know, as it appears that his daughter Elizabeth
>was born in P.E.I. @ 1806, though that could have been and error on the
>census record. Than again as these McNeils appear to be involved in the
>lumber business, no doubt they would have travelled to various areas to
>set up lumber camps for harvesting trees.
>"John McNeil' also sold his place and accompanied his brother to
>CapeBreton, though it would appear that he didn't join his brother until
>1821 when he sold his property to Angus Gillis, 'Kinloch' from Morar,
>Scotland. In some cases this is not unusual as families were known to
>scout out the area they were coming to, clear the land and build before
>coming to settle permanently. They may have come about the same time,
>remained throughout the summer, and returned to Fraser's Mills for the
>winter months. So far I am lacking a wife and children for JOHN MCNEIL
>of Margaree, and information that I have come across so far, seems to
>point to this man as having been married, and there were children. At
>the moment I think that he is either JOHN MCNEIL = Nancy McDonald, or
>JOHN MCNEIL = Marie Bown. It appears that JOHN MCNEIL = to NANCY
>MCDONALD, would be the more likely one from the information "Vince
>McNeil" has provided with the marriage record and the fact that it
>mentions the parents of Jenevieve McNeil as being of Broad Cove, and
>doesn't mention where her husband or parents were from. It is possible
>that "Nancy McDonald" would have been a sister to "Catherine McDonald"
>w/o Alexander McNeil, Saor.
>Feb 14, 1840
>John McNeil s/o John McNeil and Marie Bown to Jenevieve McNeil oldest
>daughter of John McNeil and Nancy McDonald of Broad Cove.
>Witnesses were John McNeil, Rodrique McNeil, Hugh McNeil, and Alexander
>"Donald McNeil, (an fidhleir)" was married to Ann McPherson, d/o Rory
>'Mor' McPherson. He also was at Fraser's Mills. They had at least two
>children Angus and Roderick and remained at Fraser's Mills.
>"Hugh McNeil, Farmer (Tuarthanach)" married Janet (aka Jessie)
>MacFarlane. Jessie MacFarlane was the daughter of Archibald MacFarlane
>and Margaret Gillis. The MacFarlanes came to settle in the Margaree area
>@ 1822. Jessie MacFarlane has been mentioned as being the "elder
>sister", and also has been mentioned as an "elder half sister". She
>would be a sister to Ishabel (aka Isabel) MacFarlane w/o Angus McNeil
>s/o "Alexander McNeil, Saor.' Hugh & Janet (McFarlane) McNeil, had six
>children 1. Angus, 2. John, 3. Jane, 4. Maggie, 5. Mary, and 6. Kate.
>There is no mention that Hugh McNeil came to live in CapeBreton.
>It looks as if we can now add another daughter to the family of
>MCNEIL = DONALD GILLIS s/o Donald (an Obain). Donald Gillis came to the
>Margaree area as a young man, married Margaret McNeil and later on moved
>his family to the CODROY VALLEY, NFLD.
>The family of "Alexander McNeil, 'Saor' & Catherine McDonald
>2. FLORA n.f.i.
>3. ELIZABETH b. @ 1806 = Angus Kennedy
>4. CATHERINE b. bet. 1808-1810 = John McFarlane
>5. MARY b.bet. 1810-1812 = Hugh Smith
>6. CHRISTIE b. bet. 1810-1818 = Peter Smith
>7. ANGUS b. bet. 1812-1818 = Isabel McFarlane
>8. ALEXANDER b. bet. 1812-1818, possibly died bef. 1835
>9. JOHN b. bet 1818-1822= ?
>10. SARAH b. bet. 1820-1824 = John Collins
>11. JANE b. bet. 1822 - 1825 = Donald Collins
>12. ANN (aka Nancy) b. bet. 1823-1826 = John Cameron
>Happy hunting
>Juanita MacDonald
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