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Subject: [NJ-MEMORIES-L] Nutley's Tower
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 16:53:01 EST


Anyone from the Nutley area remember the big 350-foot microwave tower that
dominated the area starting in the late 1940's? It was originally built by the
Federal Telecommunications Laboratories, which had bought the old Yountakah
Country Club between Washington Avenue and River Road, and then was owned by
ITT, who bought out Federal in the 1950's.

Back around 1950 the tower had a carillon that chimed out the Westminster
chimes on the quarter, half, and hours and also played songs for several
minutes each day at noon. The carillon got squashed when the neighbors on the
opposite side of Washington Avenue complained about the noise. It was a sad
loss; I used to love to listen to the chimes when I was a kid coming home for
lunch from Washington School. The lady who played the carillon lived two doors
above me; she also played the organ for our church for a while.

I can also remember going on a class trip around 1950 and going up all 20-plus
stories of the tower in an elevator and getting to see a view of Nutley that
was available only to birds and airplane occupants before the arrival of the

When I was back in Nutley last September for the first time since 1991, I was
sad to see that the tower was gone. I understand that they're going to put in
a shopping mall there. Nutley's lost a real landmark with the passing of that

Doris in Colorado

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