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Source: Farnsworth Memorial

p.28 Nicholas Hutchins and his wife, Elizabeth Farr, dau
of George Farr of Lynn MA, and sister of Mary Farr who
m. Matthias Farnsworth b. l6l5, England.

Matthias Farnsworth/Mary Farr Line, Groton, MA

p.32 John Hutchins b. 1668 m. abt 1691 his lst
counsin, Abigail Farnsworth b. Jan 17, l67l at
Groton, MA; dau of Matthias Farnsworth and his
wife, Mary Farr. John Hutchins son of
Nicholas Hutchins and Elizabeth Farr, sister of
Mary Farr who married Matthias Farnsworth.

Abigail Farnsworth/John Hutchins Line, Groton, MA

Abigail Farnsworth the ninth child of Matthias Farnsworth
and Mary Farr, was born Jan 17, 1671 at Groton, MA. She
married her cousin, John Hutchins (son of Nicholas Hutchins
whose wife was Elizabeth Farr, the sister of Abigail's
mother, Mary (Farr) Farnsworth. The family of Nicholas
Hutchins lived near the homestead of Matthias Farnsworth
and he, and probably his son John Hutchins formed part
of the Farnsworth garrison in 1692. The marriage prob-
ably took place during those disturbed times when no
record of marriages could be kept. There is no record
of marriages from 1690 to 1706 at Groton. Butler in his
History of Groton, gives the names of John Hutchin and
and his and Abigail Farnsworth's children, viz: 3d Gen.

1. John Hutchins Jr. b. Oct 13, 1693
2. Joshua Hutchins b. Nov 5, 1696 m. July 12, 1722
Sarah Shedd.
3. Abigail Hutchins b. Sept. 14, 1698.
4. Elizabeth Hutchins b. Sept. 1700.
5. Benjamin Hutchins b. Aug 17, 1705.

p.48 Matthias Farnsworth Jr./Sarah Nutting Line

John Hutchins, a desc. of John who m. Abigail
Farnsworth (see p. 4l4) m. l8l2 Rebecca Shattuck
b. l782 dau. of Benjamin Shattuck and his 2nd
wife, Mary Proctor of Hollis, NH. John Hutchins
d. Dec. 24, l846 and she d. Nov. 23, l8l7.

p.62 Matthias Farnsworth Jr./Sarah Nutting Line

John Sullivan Hutchins of Fitzwilliam NH,
b. Aug l5, l776 d. May 4, l865 son of
Capt. Phineas Hutchins and wife, Abigail (Reed)
His first wife was Elizabeth Baker b, 1774
dau of Col. Osmyn Baker and his wife Mary Farnsworth
of Groton, MA and Fort 4, Charlestown, NH
(see p. 215 Farnsworth Memorial and also Hist. of
Charlestown, NH)

John Sullivan Hutchins married 1803,
as his 2d wife, Catherine Cutter b. Oct 4,
l783 and d. June 22, l827 at LaChute, Canada.
Catherin Cutter was the dau of Benjamin Cutter
and his wife, Catherine Farnsworth of Alstead,
NH His first wife was Elizabeth Baker (see p.
2l5) John Sullivan Hutchins and his 2d wife,
Catherine Cutter had
l. Eliza Hutchins b. l804 m. l825 Milo Lane
2. James Hutchins b. l804 d. l806
3. Hawley R.Hutchins b.l807 m. l835 Harriet Rice at
LaChute, Canada. He d. at Maryville, CA l882
4. Maria Hutchins b. l809 d. l893 m. l828 George
5. Carolina M. Hutchins b. l8ll d. at Montreal
6. Phineas Reed Hutchins b. l8l3 d. in Calif
He m. l838 at LaChute, Canada, Jessie Walker.
7. Catherine Hutchins b. l8l6 m. l836 Lemuel
She d. l905.
8. Benjamin Hutchins b. l8l8 m. l84l Caroline
He d. l903 at Montreal.
9. Maryanne Hutchins b. l82l m. l843 George
l0. Elizabeth Hutchins b. l827 d. l827

p.2l5 - Benjamin Farnsworth/Mary Prescott Line

Elizabeth Baker b. Feb. l, l774, dau of Mary Farnsworth
and Col. Osmyn Baker of Charlestown, NH, m. l799 John Sullivan
Hutchins son of Phineas and Abigail Hutchins. He b.
Aug l5, l776. They settled at Argentile, Montreal, Canada
(He m. (2) Catherine Cutter and had 10 children (see p. 62)
Source: History of Fort No. 4, Charlestown, NH by
Rev. Saunderson
Phineas Hutchins (son of Phineas and Abigail Hutchins)
b. July 6, l774 m. Mar. l5, l796, Lydia Willard dau. of
Marcian and Lydia (Farwell) Willard. She b. May l8,
l798. Their children:
1. Louisa Hutchins b. May 6, l796 d. Oct 23, l797.
2. Florinda Hutchins b. Apr 29, l797.
3. Matilda Hutchins b. May 27, l798.

Pearl S. Hutchins b. May 26, l84l m. Jan l5, l858 Mary
Ann Jones dau of John S. and Rebecca M. (Loveland) Jones
She b.Apr 29, l848 Their children:
l. Mary Hutchins b. Mar 3l, l869
2. Charles Stillman Hutchins Sep 8,l870.
3. George Pearl Hutchins b.Aug 9, l872.
4. Fred Lewis Hutchins b. Dec. l8, l874.

Elizabeth Baker b. Feb l, l774 m. l799 John Sullivan
Hutchins, son of Phineas and Abigail Hutchins. He b.
Aug l5, l776. They settled at Argantile, Montreal, Cana
da. Elizabeth Baker was the daughter of Osmyn Baker
and his wife, Mary Farnsworth of Groton, MA.
Source: Prescott Memorial
p.403 - James Prescott Line (Hampton, NH)
Timothy Sanborn Prescott b. Feb l, l796 m. Eliza
Hutchins on April l4, l825. They died at Charlestown,
Surname: HUTCHINS Genealogy - Book
Another source for Hutchins information:
"Nicholas Hutchins of Lynn and Groton, MA by Marvin
Clayton Hutchins.
Children of Nicholas Hutchins and his wife, Elizabeth
Farr (dau of George Farr and his wife, Elizabeth
(Stowers) Farr of Lynn, MA.
l. John Hutchins b.June 3, l668 at Lynn, MA
2. Elizabeth Hutchins b. June 3, l668 at Lynn MA
3. Joseph Hutchins b. Apr l6, l674 at Lynn MA
4. Mary Hutchins b. l680 at Lynn MA.
Subject: Nicholas Hutchins
Source: Winch Master Database
Born: 1637-1638 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: Sep 1693 in Lancaster, Massachusetts
Nicholas Hutchins served in King Phillip's War with Daniel Hitchins, of
Lynn, and was wounded 19 December 1675. In 1681 he moved with his family
to Groton, Massachusetts, where he was granted ten acres of land on 14
November of that year. On December 31, 1683, he bought an additional 10
acres of land. On 12 December 1692 he was chosen Groton's town surveyor.
The town records of Groton contain the transaction in the handwriting of
John Morse, town clerk:
"A persell of land, of ten acres, mor of lesse granted by the town to
Nicholas Hutchin.
"1. One acre, mor of lesse, lyeing betwixt South Meadow and South Brook,
bounded round by the town common.
"2. Two acres, mor or lesse, lyeing on the northeast sid of the hyeway
upon a swamp that runs to South Brook, bounded by the town common.
"3. Sixe acres, mor of lesse, lyeing southeast of Sand Pound bounded
round by the town common."
source: "Nicholas Hutchins of Lynn and Groton" by Marvin Clayton

By his wife, Elizabeth Farr, b. ABT. 1640 in Lynn, Essex, MA dau
of George Farr and Elizabeth Stowers The were m. Apr 4, 1666 at
Lynn, MA and had issue:

1.John Hutchins, b. 3 Jun 1668 in Lynn, Essex, Mass. Bay Colony
He m. Abigail Farnsworth dau of Matthias Farnsworth and wife
Mary Farr of Lynn and Groton, MA

2.Elizabeth Hutchins, b. 15 Jun 1670 in Lynn, Essex, MA

3.Joseph Hutchins, b. 16 Apr 1674 in Lynn, Essex, MA

4.Mary Hutchins, b. 1680 in Lynn, Essex, MA

Source: Marriages and Births at Groton, MA - Caleb Butler
John HUTCHINS and Abigail _____

John Hutchins Jr b. Oct 13, 1693
Joshua Hutchins b. Nov 5, 1696; m. Mary SHED, July 12, 1722 (p.451,
Butler records that he m. Sarah Shed)
Abigail Hutchins b. Sept 14, 1698
Elizabeth Hutchins b. Sept 6, 1700
Benjamin Hutchins b. Aug 17, 1705
Source: Groton Historical Series, Vol III by Dr. Samuel A. Green

Dr. Isiah Hutchins was a son of Thomas and Abigail (Spaulding) Hutchins
and was born at Westford, MA, on Sept. 23, 1829. His father live for
many years on the Governor Sullivan place in Groton, Ma, situated on
the Lowell road perhaps three-quarters of a mile from the First Parish
Meeting-house. He attended school at Groton Academy and graduated
at the Worcester Medical Institution on June 23, 1852. Dr. Hutchins
began the practice of his profession at West Acton, where he was still
residing in 1893. On Nov 25, 1852 he was married to Sarah Augusta, dau
of Alden and Sarah (Faulkner) FULLER of Acton, MA and they had by
adoption, one child, named George Young HUTCHINS. In the year 1864 he
became a member of the MA Medical Society, and in 1867 was one of its

During the War of the Rebellion (Civil War) he served in the 6th Reg.
Infantry, MA Volunteer Militia, in their nine months' campaign. He was
a Corporal of Company E, and mustered in on Aug 31, 1862; and on Mar 4,
1863, was appointed Hospital Steward of the regiment, in which capacity
he served until the regiment was mustered out, on June 3, 1863, after
the expiration of their term of service. During the next year, when
the same regiment went out for one hundred days, he was commissioned
as Second Lieutenant and served in Company E from July 18 to Oct 27,
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth
Source: Groton Historical Series by Dr. Samuel A. Green, Vol II

Thomas HUTCHINS was appointed Justice of the Peace, March 24, 1852.

Colonel Needham is now the senior survivor of the list of Justice of
the Peace having been commissioned more than thirty-eight years ago
(as of 1890); and after him comes THOMAS HUTCHINS, a nonagenarian.
(this data as of 1890, date of book publication)

Thomas HUTCHINS (mentioned on page 33) a native of Carlisle, MA and for
many years a resident of Groton, MA died at West Acton, MA on Oct 8,
1889 aged 92 years
Transcribed by Janice Farnswort

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