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Subject: Whitehurst marriages to Moseley descendants
Date: 24 Feb 2005 16:56:51 -0700

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24 Feb 2005
A big THANKS to all who helped the great Whitehurst family tree I found at
rootsweb! Here's some more data from colonial Norfolk VA area/era
RE: marriages between the Moseley & Whitehurst families of colonial Princess
Anne Co VA, which was before 1692 part of [Lower] Norfolk Co VA
--e.g. how can we fit together better the two family trees posted databases
moseley1 and mongkei at
--Using that VERY helpful database mongkei , said to have come (largely?) from
Joe Gordon Whitehurst's GED file of 16 Jan 2004 sent from Danville CA---
Database moseley1 now posts some much-improved Whitehurst data for some
Whitehursts who married Moseley spouses--
However, where I could use suggestions, on database moseley1 Forsythe (me) has
posted-- exact URL if you can use this is:
a list of 4 Whitehurst/Moseley marriages found in early Princess Anne Co. VA
documents, and one marriage in Norfolk Co VA documents.
PLEASE REPLY IF YOU KNOW where I should place those whitehurst brides
and grooms on the Whitehurst family tree -- e.g. the tree on database mongkei
SPECIFIC marriages where I cannot safely place whithurst bride or groom on
whitehurst family tree:

(1st Marriage) a Henry Whitehurst (ca 1700 - bef 1738) married bef 1738
probably in Princess Anne Co or Norfolk co VA to Elizabeth Moseley born ca.
1705 daughter of George Moseley (bef (jul 1677 - june 1718) of Princess Ane Co
VA and Edith Cockroft (abt 1780- ) possibly of Norfolk Co VA.. A genealogist
speculates that Elizabeth remarreid after 1737 to a Robert Vaughan, but Forsythe
has found no specific documentary support at all.
SOME additional DETAILS:
!1737 probate of her step mother Mary (Emperour) (Moseley)(Moseley)
Whitehurst on Alice Granbery Walter's charts says that Elizabeth was the widow
of some Henry Whitehurst by 1737, as recorded in Princess Anne Court Order
Minute Bk 3: 298.
Princess Anne Minute Bk 3: 298 of Sep-Oct 1727 says Elizabeth got her share of
her father's estate, something to do w. Whitehurst, maybe her future husband?
Pr Anne court Min Bk 4: 104, Spring of 1731, Mary (Emperour) (Moseley)
Whitehurst to pay
Eliz 15 pounds sterling as her step-daughters share for some slaves. (Mary
Emperor was apparently widow of both Eliz's dad Geo Moseley and his brother
?QUESTION?: who were parent sof the above grrom Henry Whitehurst?

(2nd marriage) In 1775 Princess Anne Co VA Deed Book 14: 180
apparently says that the widow of James Hunter Jr.(ca 1730-1772). 11 Nov 1763
marriage bond says her name was Frances Moseley [born ca 1747 daughter of
Tully Moseley and his first wife Miriam Shipp] --that widow had by 1775
remarried a Jonathan Whitehurst. bef 1778, apparently acccording to the C-D of
Princess Anne Co VA guardianship records, some Jonathan Whitehurst, possibly
same man, had married Elizabeth Dawley, whom I compiled as born ca 1740, the
daughter of Dennis Dawley and Elizabeth Bonney
QUESTION?: WHO WERE parents of that Jonathan Whitehurst?

(3rd marriage) 11 oct 1781 reported (even though it's probably in some
standard list of marriages, no citation findable by me now except moseley
descendancy at beginning of LDS FHL salt lake microfilm # 0001043) marriage in
Princess Anne Co VA of an Elizabeth Whitehurst born abt 1765 to Hillary
Moseley (abt 1760-1813 with probate in Norfolk Co. VA will book 3: 94) son of
(as Forsythe recalls he was apparently an) infamous Tory and longtime Princess
Anne Co. court Judge Col Edward Hacke Moseley (ca 1716- ca 1783) and his 2nd
wife Frances Wylie. CAUTION: Hillary born ca 1760 is easily confused with
Hillary born ca 1740 who also reportedly married an elizabeth Whitehurst 16 years
EARLIER 30 oct 1765.
QUESTION: WHO WERE parents of the above Elizabeth Whitehurst?

(4th marriage): apparently in standard list sof Norfolk Co Va marriages is
19 Oct 1799 marriage of a Martha Whitehurst to a William Moseley. The most
obvious Wm Moseley to be that groom in 1799 in Norfolk Co Va would be
William Moseley born 1772-1773, brother of Edward Moseley who md 1797 in
Norfolk Co VA to Jennett Cocke. they were sons of
Edward5Palmer4Edward3Arthur2William1 Moseley.
QUESTION?: WHO WERE parents of the above Martha Whitehurst?

(5th marriage): apparently in standard list sof Norfolk Co Va marriages is
22 june 1815 marriage of a Mary Whitehurst to a John Moseley. The above Wm
Moseley had an uncle John Moseley too old to be this groom. but an uncompiled
(unknown) namesake John Moseley would make a logical groom for this Norfolk
Co. marriage, if one were known to exist. But since no such John Moseley known
to me yet, I compile Martha Whitehurst bridegroom as the John Moseley born abt
1786 son of Charles Moseley and Jacomine Hunter whose marriage bond in
Princess Anne Co VA is dated 19 dec 1782. For now, I compiled that John as the
bridegroom because his mom Jacomine remarried Peter Whitehurst Jr. (ca1757-
1808) using Princess Anne Co VA marriage bond 14 March 1793. However that
is not only the discrepancy that the mary whitehurst marriage was in Norfolk Co.
and my candidate bridegrooms are from Princess Anne Co VA---BUT ALSO there
is some assertion that my candidate John Moseley had died by 1791 and if so could
not have married in 1815.
QUESTION: WHO WERE parents of the above Mary Whitehurst?

Thanks for any suggestions,
Warren Forsythe, compiler of database moseley1 at
and lead compiler of 2000 Moseley two volume book
!database mongkei at version of 13 Feb 2005 by
geoffrey.thompson (at) and he cites a GED file sent 16 Jan 2004
by Joe Gordon Whitehurst of Danville CA 94526
geoffrey thompson's database mongkei also quotes the will of Enoch Whitehurst
begun 5 Jan 1795 on will book 2 page 5 Princess Anne Co. VA
probably other probate documents etc are cited and quoted.
The Whitehurst family who arrived about Nov 1636 to Norfolk Co VA area were

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