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Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 09:49:16 EDT

Hello Rob, Bob and all,

I was going through my data on the Fox family and ran across this page of
data (below)which seems to apply in your discussion. I cannot account for
the full veracity of the data, but it was part of a large collection of
William D. McCain of Hattisburg, Mississippi which was published in 1975. He
is a descendant of Henry Fox and Anne West.

Best regards,

John Fox
Winston-Salem, NC

Fourteen Generations of Fox Genealogy

I Henry Fox ( 1521 - d. ? ) , known as "Fox of Great Missenden", married
a "Miss Hawes of London". He was born in Great Missenden and it is assumed
he died there. He had at least one child; William, his heir.

II William Fox ( 1545 - d. ? ) married Miss Anne Lane of Great Missenden
ca. 1568. His coat of arms was (is?) depicted in "the south window of the
Chancel of the Parish Church of Great Missenden" and also depicted in Ware
Parish Church, Gloucester Co. Va. where Rev. John Fox was Rector (ca. 1750)!
William and Anne Lane Fox had seven children:

1. Elizabeth 5. Anne
2. Giles 6. Sarah
3. Susan 7. Henry*
4. John

III Henry Fox ( 1578 - d. 1625), "Third Sonne", married Elizabeth
(Pickernell?) and had at least one child; John. Henry was a merchant in
London and traded with the American colonies. Although he was a Londoner, he
died in Virginia.

IV John Fox ( 1602 - d. 1665) married Elizabeth Convers and had seven
children. He was also a merchant and commanded the "Whitehorse and
Currycomb", the "Thomas and Anne,, and the "Elizabeth"(?). Children:

1. John* 5. Peter
2. Isabel 6. Mary
3. Stephen 7. William
4. Thomas

v John Fox (Jr.)( 1626 - d. 1682/3) was granted land in
Petworth Parish of Gloucester Co., Va. by Charles II on Sept. 20, 1661. He
also bought land in New Kent Co., Va. He married twice; first to (?), then
Margaret Thomas in County Middlesex, Eng. He commanded the "William and
Mary" and immigrated to America in 1664/5. Children:

1. Henry* 3. Jane 2. John 4. Anne

VI Henry Fox ("the lst" born in America)( 1650 - d. 1714) married Anne
West. He was probably born in Gloucester Co., Va. but inherited land in both
Gloucester and what is now King William Co.
(formerly King and Queen Co.). He was a member of the House of
Burgesses from King William Co. Children:

1. Henry (2nd)* 3. Thomas
2. John 4. Anne

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