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From: "Wiggi Dietz" <>
Subject: Re: [JOHN-L] Thomas Johns Rev. War Papers
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 11:08:16 -0700

Thanks, Karen, but this William doesn't appear to be my William as he stayed in Pendleton Co, VA, and didn't have a brother (as far as I know) named Thomas. I was going for cousin, maybe??? Just thought it was a coincidence. My William was at the Siege of Yorktown, but whether he was with Morgan's Rifles at that time, is not known to me. Sorry I couldn't be of help.


>>> "Karen L. Salisbury" <> 08/16 10:29 AM >>>
Wiggi, we need to talk here. This was transcribed by me. Thos. was our
gg...f. He did serve with a brother William. Wm. was injured or taken ill
and his mother, Mary, got a stipend for caring for him. Then he disappears.
A William shows up abt. 1816, Floyd Co., where Thomas is. William is
excused from road responsibility for being over age. Eli Johns replaces
him. I cannot prove that this is brother William, but feel it is highly
likely. I can find no marriage for this William from Amherst or known
children. Eli is a family name that comes down through another brother's,
Robert's, line. Elisha really. I do not know if this Eli is a son of
William or Thomas. Eli and William never show again after this one mention
in the court records. K
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> Interesting to note that this Thomas Johns served with Col. Morgan.
Wonder if this was Morgan's Rifle Regt, VA, the same regiment that my
William Johns served with during the Revolution? Going to have to look into
this further.
> wiggi
> >>> <> 08/15 6:32 PM >>>
> Thomas Johns Rev War Papers
> At a Circuit Court held for the Circuit & County of Harrison, in the State
> Kentucky on the 13th Day of September 1820, the following statement and
> schedule was produced and given to in open court and ordered to be made a
> part of the record in the words and figures following to wit:
> Harrison Circuit sct (?)
> Commonwealth of Kentucky
> On this 13th day of September 1820 Personally appeared in the open court,
> Thomas Johns said court being a court of Record for said Circuit and so
> Declared by the law Establishing the same said Johns aged about 78 years
> resident in the County of Harrison and circuit aforesaid who being first
> sworn according to Law doth on his Oath declare that he served in the
> revolutionary war as follows to wit: he enlisted at Amherst Courthouse
> of Virginia on the 4th day of March 1776 for 2 years under Captain Samuel
> Cabble attached to the sixth Virginia regiment commanded by Colo. Buckner
> Virginia line on Continental Establishment that he afterwards served out
> whole balance of this term of two years under Colo Morgan and was
> (sic) in Pennsylvania in March 1778, that during his service he was in the
> Battles of Stillwater at the taking of Burgoyne, Battle of White Marsh
> Trenton and Princetown, he further made oath that his original Declaration
> he believes bears date the 8th day of October 1819 and his certificate is
> numbered 15698. Schedule
> And I do solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the United States
> the 18th day of March 1818, and that I have not since that time by gift
> or in any manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent
> thereby so to achieve is to it as to bring myself within the Provisions of
> Act of Congress Entitled an act to provide for certain persons engaged in
> land and naval service of the United States in the revolutionary war
> on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not ___? Any person in trust
> for me any property or securities contracts or "Debts" due to me nor have
> any income other than what is contained in the schedule hereto annisced
> and by me subscribed. I have no estate real or personal excipt (sic) a
> old saddle and bridle worth not more than thirty five dollars. My
> is that of a farmer and I am unable to support myself by labor. I have no
> faimly (sic) and am not a house keeper. Given under my hand this 13th day
> September 1820. /s/ Thomas Johns
> Sworn to before me the undersigned and of the Circuit Judges for the
> Commonwealth of Kentucky this 13th day of September 1820.
> /s/ W. Warrene
> State Kentucky Sct 4
> On this 8th day of October 1819 before me the undersigned one of the
> Circuit Judges for this term mon__ aforesaid personally appeared Thomas
> Johns, aged seventy seven years, resident in Harrison County in the State
> aforesaid who being first duly sworn according to law doth make the
> statement in order to obtain the provision made by the act of Congress
> entitled an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and
> service of the United States in the revolutionary war. That he enlisted
as a
> private soldier in the army of the United States in the revolutionary war
> March 1776 for the term of two years. That the company in which he
> was commanded by Capt. Samuel Cabell and composed a part of the 6th
> Regiment command and at that time by Col. Buckner who was afterwards broke
> for cowardice. That Esignment (sic) belonged to the Virginia line on this
> continental Establishment. That he continued to serve in s'd regiment
> the colonel was broke & (NOTE: the following enclosed in parenthesis was
> crossed out: "then he with a number of others of the same regiment
> volunteered to serve in a company commanded by Daniel Morgan but he
> recollect to what regimental company belonged or whether it was at that
> attached to any regi"*(can't read last line due to darkness) shortly
> afterwards Capt. Cabell's company to which he belonged joined the regiment
> commanded by Col. Dan'l Morgan in which company & regiment he served until
> the end of his term of enlistment. That he does not recollect the number
> the regiment commanded by Co. Morgan but he is satisfied that it belonged
> the Virginia line on the Continantal establishment. That he was at the
> battle of Stillwater, the battle at Saratoga & at the taking of Burgoine.
> That he was regulary discharged near Philadelphia in the State of
> Pennsylvania by General George W_ide & Col. Parker in spring 1778 but he
> lost his discharge & has no other evidence of his services nor in his
> except the ann__ed affidavit of John Kendall. That he is now very infirm
> from his reduced circumstances in life stands in need of assistance from
> country for support sworn to & declared before me this day & year
> /s/ John Trimble
> Also the said Kendall came personally before me & made oath that he was
> acquainted with the above mentioned Thomas Johns while he was a soldier in
> Col. Daniel Morgan's regiment & knows that he started to go to Quebec
> the Command of s'd Morgan but never saw him since (?blotch) until they
> _____(can't read any of line except last word) cause.
> Cover Front:
> Certificate __698
> Kentucky to
> Ohio
> Thomas Johns
> Harrison Co in the state of Kentucky
> Was a private in the regiment commanded by
> Colonel Buckner of the Virginia
> For the term of two years.
> __ibed on the Roll of Kentucky
> at the rate of eight Dollars per month, to com___
> the 8th of October 1819.
> Certificate of Pension issued the 6th of Nov'r, 1819
> And sent to John Trimble Esq'r
> By _____-Kentucky
> Appears to 4th of Sept 1819
> Portion of
> __emi and all __ ending 4 Mar 1820
> Revolutionary claim,
> Act 18th March, 1818
> Back Cover:
> Very dark and hard to read.
> Certificate sent to the Hon. W. Brown HR 16 Dec 1820
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