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Subject: Re: Jenner
Date: 9 Sep 2001 19:23:22 -0600

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You've got more than you think you have. You have 2 towns as locations, and a few complete names, plus the birth and death date for your grandmother.

If you've never used one before, check to see if the LDS has a branch of their Family History Library near you. If so, you'll need to start looking at some films.

You'll want to see what they have available for film rental for birth records and death records in those towns, during the right timeframe. Generally, the births are listed alpha by name on a birth index film for a given number of years. Then, there may be a film that has a copy of the actually birth certificate that you can view once you have the birth cert. number off the index film. The actual certs. are on the films in numerical order. The death information is accessed the same way. During the timeframe you listed, parents names including mother's maiden, were required if available on both types of certificates, as well as the place of birth. The death cert. will give you the birth date in most instances, as it will tell you how old the individual was, to the day, when they died. It will also show where they are buried. Then, you can send for cemetery records of the lot or plot to find out who else is buried there with them.

Have you checked the 1920 US Census index for NY for your grandmother? If you can find her there, you'll also know the ages of others living with her, and have an address to pinpoint her by at that time. Use the Soundex for 1920 NY first, and look for any of given names, under that last name that you have. It's likely she was living with her parents and her father will be listed as head of household. You'll know you have the right people, by her being listed on the soundex card with the parents, and at the right age for 1920. You can then order the full census schedule film for that location, and get more info.


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