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Subject: [KINGS] Ancestors of Moses BANKS
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At 07:32 PM 09/03/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello All,
>I just realized I should have paid closer attention to the recent Spinney
>posts. I'm interested in Moses BANKS b. 1738/39 Massachusetts (?). He
>married first 1764 Jane SPINNEY with the following issue: Ruth, Elizabeth,
>Ann, Moses, Richard, Joseph and Benjamin.
>Second he married Judith SAUNDERS with issue: Eliphalet, Timothy Saunders,
>Jeremiah, Jane and Judith.
>Moses was my 5th great grandfather. My line descends through his second
>wife, Judith SAUNDERS, and their son Eliphalet, but I am interested in
>learning about both full and half relatives.
>Also, if someone can suggest an appropriate New England Rootsweb list that
>might help, I'm all ears. Gratefully,
>Diane Jameson, California

Hi Diane,
Here is the info I have on the ancestors of Moses, I am descended from
his brother Joshua through my mother Thelma Banks. I am also descended from
the Spinneys through my father, but going back into Maine I only have my
direct line. If you know who Jane Spinney's parents are I can send you info
on them too...Keith
PS. I noticed some notes on Lt. John Saunders(born on March 26, 1613 in
Lanford, Wiltshire, Eng.) who came on the Confidence on 11 Apr 1638. He is
in the 6th Generation, #38.

1. Moses BANKS was born on April 16, 1738 in York, Maine.1

2. Joshua Sr. BANKS was born on September 13, 1713 in York, Maine.1,2,3
He died on April 18, 1774 in York, Maine.1 There is much confusion
regarding this family: more than any other in the Genealogy as even the
date of their marriage is in doubt. Most of the authorities record the
marriage as 18 September 1737 (Chute Genealogy), while others give 4 July
1737, with the officiating minister being Reverend Samuel Moody. The Chute
genealogy records them as Loyalists, which is impossible, since they
arrived in 1760, with the only known connection to the Loyalists being the
fact that their son, Joseph, apparently returned to the United States and
fought for the Loyalists. Most records state that they had a large family,
five of whom came to Nova Scotia. However, later information has come to
hand, indicating that Joshua and Mary came in 1760, bringing all of their
surviving children. Joshua is said to have owned land in Allain's Creek,
which he sold to Judah Rice on the 11th of May of 1770. The first home of
Moses would appear to have been in Granville. He and his brother, Joshua,
later moving to Wilmot. The worst dispute is regarding the birth dates of
the children, although the Baptismal dates should not be in dispute since
they are recorded in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register.
However, the first baptism was 13 years after the marriage, and if their
son Moses was baptized as an infant, he married at age 6 years! Possibly
Moses, being the eldest was baptized as an adult, and since they are said
to have "had a large family" several may have died before the later
baptisms. In fact, to add further to the confusion the birth dates of
others are given as exactly ten years before the baptisms, and it is not
reasonable to suppose that any family would have all their children
baptized on their tenth birthday. In the case of Moses, one must presume
that he was baptized aged 20, and that the ages of the others are unknown.
(Donald Lamont Banks, Marian McCormick and Furber Marshall abt 1974 and
filed with the Nova Scotia historical depository]
Joshua Banks, Notes by Eleanor Banks Vines
Richard's great grandson, Joshua Banks, who in 1737, had married Mary
Muchmore, sought a new home in this county (meaning Annapolis County, NS)
in 1760 with his family, of whom Moses was the oldest, who was then
twenty-three years old. His parents died in Granville in the early years of
its settlement. In 1764, the son (Moses) married Jane Spinney and when her
family sought a new home in Wilmont, he removed thither where he ultimately
died on his 95th birthday in 1835. His wife, having died after the birth of
seven children, he married again in 1778, Judith Saunders, a sister of the
late Timothy Saunders the first, by whom he had six other children. His
descendants are now very numerous and many reside in Upper Wilmot and
Aylesford to this date. His borther, Joshua Banks who was twelve years his
junior removed to Wilmot while yet a young man and settled in Western
Wilmot near Lawrencetown, where he finally died having a large family. Two
of his sons were among the first settlers in the beautiful district of
Clarence East, two others settled on the Wilmot Mountain not far from Port
Lorne, and others elsewhere, and their descendants are also very numerous.
He was married to Mary MUCHMORE on September 18, 1737 in Maine.1,2,3
3. Mary MUCHMORE was born in 1715. Joshua Sr. BANKS and Mary MUCHMORE had
the following children:
5 i.Moses BANKS.
ii.Joseph BANKS was born about 1751. Joseph moved with his parents to
Nova Scotia and was an American Loyalist. He is said to have died in New
Jersey, fighting in the American Revolution.
iii.Jeremiah BANKS was born in 1755 in York, Maine. He died about 1835.
Baptized 20 Jul 1755 ( York Co., MA) ( "The Bank(e)s Family of Maine,"
Charles E. Banks, Jul 1890, New England Hist.& Gen. R., vol 44, p 261 This
is one of the Jeremiah Bankses who may be the Jeremiah Banks who married
Anna Dove, Aug 1781 in Danvers, Essex Co., MA, as listed in Intl.
Genealogical Index, batch M500212, p 1184
iv.Joshua Jr. BANKS was born in 1749 in York, Maine.3,1 He died on June
20, 1843 in Nova Scotia.3,1 Joshua Banks was the forefather of the Banks
families in Clarence. He came to Granville in the early 1760's. Joshua's
brother, Moses Banks, came at the same time [others are of the belief that
Joshua followed Moses some years later]. Moses was granted Lot #93, in
Granville, in 1764. Joshua did not get a Granville lot, probably because he
was too young (he was only 15 years old in 1764). In 1778, when Joshua was
29, he bought, from William Marshall, for ten pounds sterling, the eastern
half of Wilmot Lot #12 (b3-p190). This land was 40 rods in width and
extended north from the Annapolis River about 1000 rods to the vicinity of
Sand Lake on the North Mountain. The lot crossed the Post Road where the
road reaches its most northerly point in the curve about half way between
Paradise and Lawrencetown. This area along the Post Road was being cleared
and settled during the 1770's and 1780's and this is where Joshua Banks
cleared the land and established his home and raised his family, being one
of the first settlers in the area. [Reginald Marshall] The family later
removed from Granville to Wilmot. It is presumed that all of their children
were born in Wilmot.(Donald Lamont Banks, Marian McCormick and Furber
Marshall abt 1974 and filed with the Nova Scotia historical depository)
v.Elizabeth BANKS was born on July 12, 1753 in York, Maine.

4. Moses BANKS was born about 1690. He died in 1749. "The Bank(e)s
Family of Maine," Charles E. Banks, Jul 1890, New England Hist. & Gen. R.,
vol 44, p 261 has abt 1690 listed for his birth.
Dr. Charles E. Banks in his article indicates Moses lived on the
family homestead in York, MA [now Maine] throughout his life. He was
variously styled genetleman, yeoman, and mariner in legal documents and
lieutenant upon the town books.
In 1712/1713, Moses Bankes married Ruth Weare in York, York Co., MA
[now Maine] "The Bank(e)s Family of Maine," Charles E. Banks, Jul 1890, New
England Hist. & Gen. R., vol 44 - quoting York Deeds, xiii, 142 & 1712 also
in Intl. Geneal. Index, batch A457868, page 0302.
From 21 Feb 1722 to 1 Aug 1722, Sgt. Moses Banks was in Capt. Johnson
Harmon's company. (Massachusetts Officers and Soldiers, 1702-1722, Queen
Anne's War to Dummer's War, Mary E. Donohue, ed., 1980)
From 22 Nov 1724 to 31 Mar 1725, Lt. Moses Banks was 18 weeks with
Col. Thomas Westbrook's unit. (Massachusetts Officers and Soldiers,
1723-1743, Dummer's War to the War of Jenkins Ear, Myron O. Stachiw?, 1979)
This unit was detailed to range the district of Maine from the Kennebec to
the Penobscot to prosecute the eastern Indians "for their many breaches of
covenant." ("The Bank(e)s Family of Maine," Charles E. Banks, Jul 1890, New
England Hist. & Gen. R., vol 44)
In 1737 or 1738, Moses's mother Elizabeth wrote her will in York, York
Co., Massachusetts Bay [now Maine]. She left her estate to MOSES, with a
few monetary deductions for his siblings. Moses was appointed executor.
Witnesses were Samuel Preble and John Leavit. The will was probated 22 Mar
1737/8. (Maine Wills, 1640-1760, by William M. Sargent, 1972, p 404)
On 12 Mar 1749, Moses Banks of York, York Co., Mass. Bay [now Maine],
wrote his will. He left wife Ruth all his personal estate except one cow.
He also left her the income from real estate until son Moses came of age.
After Moses comes of age, Ruth to have one third of real estate. He left
son Joshua 5 shillings, daughter Mary Bettes 5 shillings, son John 5
shillings, son Elias 5 shillings, son Zebadiah 5 shillings, dau Elizabeth
25 pounds, daughter Ruth 25 pounds -- all to be paid by son Moses when he
reached age 24. To son Jeremiah he left 1.5 acres of the current property.
To son Moses he left the residue of the estate, including pew in the
meeting house of York. He appointed wife Ruth his executrix. Witnesses:
Jos. Plaisted, Samuel Johnson, and Norton Woodbridge. (Maine Wills,
1640-1760, William M. Sargent, 1972, p. 636 ff) Dr. Charles E. Banks
indicates this will was proved 23 Nov 1750. He was married to Ruth WEARE
about 1713.
5. Ruth WEARE was born on January 6, 1696/97. She died after 1763. Moses
BANKS and Ruth WEARE had the following children:
i.John BANKS was born on March 12, 1722. In Mar 1751, John Banks married
Hannah Preble. ("The Bank(e)s Family of Maine," Charles E. Banks, Jul 1890,
New England Hist. & Gen. R., vol 44, p 261)
ii.Zebediah BANKS was born on May 7, 1730 in York, Maine. On 16 Jan
1753, York, York Co., MA [now Maine], Zebediah Banks married Abigail
Muchmore. ("The Bank(e)s Family of Maine," by Charles E. Banks, Jul 1890,
New Engl. Hist & Gen. R., v 44, p 262. no source quoted & Intl. Geneal.
Index, batch A457863, sheet 1745.)
iii.Moses BANKS was born on July 24, 1732 in York, Maine. He died on
October 9, 1823 in Saco, York Co., Maine. In Nov 1754, Moses Banks married
Phebe Curtis in Kennebunkport, York Co., MA [now Maine] ( "The Bank(e)s
Family of Maine," by Charles E.Banks, Jul 1890, New Engl. Hist & Gen. R., v
44, p 262. no source quoted) Abt 1760, Moses Banks was surveyor and
draftsman after moving to Scarsborough, MA [now Maine]. (Southgate, History
of Scarsborough, p 206) Moses Banks of Scarborough was in Capt. John Rice's
Co.; billeting roll from date of enlistment, 15 May 1775, to date of
marching to headquarters, July 4, 1775, equivalent to 50 days; also,
Quartermaster, Capt. Bracket's Co., Col. Edmund Phinney's (31st) regt.;
company return dated 29 Sep 1775; enlisted 7 May 1775; also lists of
officers recommended by Council, 6 Oct 1775, to be commisioned by Genl.
Washington; also 2nd lt. & quartermaster, Capt. Jeremiah Hill's Co., Col.
Phinney's Regt., muster roll dated Garrison at Ft. George, 8 Dec 1776;
enlisted 1 Jan 1776; reported cashiered 26 Jul 1776. (Massachusetts
Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, by Secretary of the
Commonwealth, 1896, p 579) Moses's grandson, Israel Banks, in his biography
indicated Moses was on the staff of Genl. George Washington, with whom "he
was on terms of intimate friendship." (Biographical Review...Leading
Citizens of York County, Maine, no author, 1896, p 69) After the American
Revolution, Moses moved to N. Yarmouth for several years. (New England
Historical and Genealogical Register, vol 44)
iv.Ruth BANKS was born on January 18, 1736 in York, Maine. She died in
1805. On Apr 1760, York, York Co., MA [now Maine], Ruth Banks married
Elias Weare. ("The Bank(e)s Family of Maine," by Charles E. Banks, Jul
1890, New England Hist. & Geneal. R., vol 44, p 261 & Intl Geneal. Index,
batch 7009904, p 11)
2 v.Joshua Sr. BANKS.
vi.Elias BANKS was born on August 9, 1715.4 He died on February 1, 1724/25.
vii.Mary BANKS was born on September 12, 1717 in York, Maine.
viii.Richard BANKS was born on June 12, 1722. He died on December 4, 1762.
ix.Elias BANKS was born on September 9, 1725. He died in 1820 in York,
x.Jeremiah BANKS was born on February 7, 1727. He died on May 21, 1752.
xi.Elizabeth BANKS was born on January 11, 1735 in York, Maine. On 9 Sep
1754, Elizabeth Banks married Benjamin Milliken ("The Bank(e)s Family of
Maine," by Charles E. Banks, Jul 1890, New England Hist. & Geneal. R., vol
44, p 261)

8. John BANKS was born on January 13, 1655/56 in Maine. He died on
January 13, 1723/24 in York, Maine. John was a Selectman, in 1693; a
Grand Juror, in 1692-93 and in 1701; and removed to York, Maine. He built
his home in the York Beach area, a mile or two away from the town and this
edifice, with some additions, was still standing, but was known to be
vacant, in 1975. It was rumoured, in 1976, that the town had bought the 15
or 20 acre homestead property for school purposes with intentions of
renovating the old building for offices.
Notes by Eleanor Banks Vines
John, the oldest son of Richard and Elizabeth Alcocke Banks, was born in
York, in or before 1657. He apparently lived his life in that locality, as
his name appears occasionally in town records. He married twice, the second
marriage was to Elizabeth Turbat of Wells. He died between Septemnber 1724
and April 1726. Elizabeth survived him, her will being dated 1737 and
probated in 1738. Their children were Moses (married Ruth Weare), Hannah,
Aaron, Mary.
In 1678, John Bankes had a town grant of land in York, MA [now Maine] In
1679, he was a signer to a petition to the General Court of Massachusetts
regarding the political troubles in present-day Maine. In 1693, he was a
selectman of the town of York. He was a grand juror in the years 1692,
1693, 1701 and later. ("The Bank(e)s Family of Maine," Charles E. Banks,
Jul 1890, New England Hist. & Gen. R., vol 44, p 260)
On 14 Sep 1687, John was listed on a grand juror for the first time in
York Co. On 5 Apr 1693, he was on the jury when Baker Nason was indicted
for murder of his brother Jonathan. (Province and Court Records of Maine,
1947, vol 3, p 260 & 1958, vol, 4, p 10)
On 2 Dec 1712, Job Acock [Alcock] wrote his will at Portsmouth, NH. He
left cousins John Banckes, Joseph Banckes, and John Snell the ffarme owned
at York [Maine]. (Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire, vol I,
p 697, Albert S. Batchellor, 1907)
On 22 Dec 1724, John Banks of York, York Co., Massachusetts Bay [now
Maine], wrote his will. He left his wife the dwelling house and all
household goods. He left sons Moses and Aaron his lands and stock, to be
equally divided. He gave 10 pounds each to daughters Elizabeth, Mary and
Hannah out of the estate. The two sons were appointed executors. Witnesses
were Joseph Preble and Stephen Preble. This will was probated 8 Apr 1726.
Inventory of 1176œ. (Maine Wills, 1640-1760, by William M. Sargent, 1972, p
Death info from Vital Records of York, Maine by Lester Bragdon and
John Frost, 1992, p 368, citing Bk 2, p 10. This date perhaps should have
been written 1724/25 -- note the will date. [One author has speculated that
John's first wife was Abigail Coe. She was the only unaccounted for
daughter of the only Maine family which fled to Little Compton, RI after
King Philip's War. John's daughter Elizabeth married a man from Little
Compton. There is some evidence that John Bankes was in the RI-CT area in
the 1670s or 1680s as refugees. See Penobscot Pioneers by Bray C. Howard, p
32] He was married to Elizabeth TURBAT about 1689.
9. Elizabeth TURBAT was born about 1667 in York, Maine. She died in 1738.
In 1737, Eliza Banks, widow of York, York Co., Massachusetts Bay (now
Maine), wrote her will. She left everything to her son Moses "who has taken
faithfull care of me & been tender over me & his wife, who has been a
Natrual Child to me." However, 5 shillings was left to son Aaron, 5
shillings to the [unnamed] daughter-in-law [of a deceased son], 5 shillings
to daughter Mary. Son Moses appointed executor. She signed with a mark.
Witnesses were Beriah Young, John Leavit & Stephen Preble. Will
probated 18 Jul 1788. [Stephen Preble also signed her husband's will]
(Maine Wills, 1640-1760, by Wiliam M. Sargent, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1972,
p 404 ff., citing Probate Office 5, 140) John BANKS and Elizabeth TURBAT
had the following children:
i.Hannah BANKS.
ii.Mary BANKS was born about 1700 in York, Maine.
iii.Aaron BANKS was born about 1695 in York, Maine. He died in 1763 in
York, Maine.
4iv.Moses BANKS.
10. Elias WEARE was born on April 5, 1672 in York, Maine. He died on
August 10, 1707 in York, Maine. He was married to Magdalene HILTON on
April 1, 1697 in York, Maine.
11. Magdalene HILTON was born on April 1, 1675 in York, Maine. She died
on February 24, 1725 in York, Maine. Elias WEARE and Magdalene HILTON had
the following children:
5i.Ruth WEARE.

16. Richard BANCKS was born about 1607 in England. He died on January 25,
1692 in York, Maine. The English ancestors of Richard Bancks, in spite
of much research by many people, including Dr. Charles Banks, the Maine
Historian, are still in considerable doubt. The difficulty would not appear
to be a lack of information about the Bancks family but, rather, the
impossibility of determining which of the Richards came to America.
Frederick Lewis Weis, the well-known Genealogist, in tracing the
Tillinghast family gives the following: "Thomas Banckes, merchant and
Alderman of London. His daughter Joan Banckes married Robert Tichborne.
Their daughter, Elizabeth, married Pardon Tillinghast, Jr.". It is quite
possible that Thomas had other children besides Joan, but since Mr. Weis
was only interested in the Tillinghast family as she is the only one
mentioned in this instance.
Several Genealogists, including William E. Chute, have pointed out
another possibility: some even considering it proven. Dr. Banks was not
entirely in agreement with this conjecture as the records he found did not
indicate what happened to this particular Richard. Dr. Banks found: "John
Bancks, who made his will in London, England, circa 1630, mentioned the
children of his Uncle William Banks (wife unknown) as William, Richard
(possibly our immigrant ancestor), Thomas, George, and Mary".
Dr. Banks was sure that he had identified Richard as living in the
parish of Alkham, County Kent, since he came to America with his
brother-in-law, Thomas Curtis, and with Abraham Preble and John Twisden
both of the same vicinity. It is not out of the bounds of possibility that
his first move might have been from London to Alkham, and he may have been
the same man mentioned as the son of William.
At the time of his marriage in England, Richard was listed as a
tailor. Just prior to his migration there had been an epidemic in which
many people died. There was also trouble in the textile industry. On 25 Oct
1631, Richard Bankes, 24, tailor, was licensed to marry Joan Harrison of
Elham. (Parish Records, St. Andrews, Canterbury, Kentshire, England.. info
from History of York, Maine, by Charles E. Banks, 1967 reprint)
In 1636 and 1641, two children were baptized to Richard Bankes in
Alkham Parish, Kentshire, England. [There was a Thomas Bankes earlier in
this parish with children, but the gap seems too long to indicate a close
relationship to Richard] Being a widower, with all of his children dead, it
is not surprising that he decided to seek a new life far from the scene of
his misfortunes.
Richard came to America and settled at Scituate, in the Plymouth
Colony. In 1642, Richard joined Abraham Preble and Thomas Curtis in taking
the oath of fidelity at Scuitate, MA (Plymouth Colonial Records, viii, p
183) Richard Bankes's friends in Maine (Preble, Curtis & Twisden) all lived
nearby in Kent Co. (Kentshire) in England. Preble was in Denton; Twisden
was in Wootton and Curtis was nearby. So the Richard Bankes in Alkham,
Kentshire, is assumed to be the same one in Maine. Favoring the
identification is the short time gap between his disappearance from English
records and appearance in New England. Richard was sent out from Scituate
to organize and lay out townships in what is now the state of Maine. He
settled at York which was originally called Agamenticus, on a grant which
was given Sir Fernandez Georges in 1622, and he named it the "City of
Georgeana". Thomas Gorges was its first mayor. In 1652 Massachusetts gained
control and changed the name to York. In 1643, Richard Bankes, Abraham
Preble, Thomas Curtis [Richard's brother-in-law] and John Twisden settled
on land in York, ME, known as Scuitate Row. (History of York, Maine, by
Charles E. Banks, 1967 reprint, p. 155)
He married, second, Elizabeth Curtis, 1644. Christened, 1624, in Kent,
Elizabeth was a stepdaughter of Thomas Chambers [see Virkus, Vol VII, for
additional information on Thomas Chambers, Lord of the Manor of Fox Hall,
Kingston, New York]. He had a daughter, Elizabeth, with this wife.
Theodore Leslie Banks (TLB) notes that Richard returned to England briefly
to marry Elizabeth Curtis. TLB notes that: "In 1641 Oliver Cromwell was
called upon to savagely subdue a bitter Irish rebellion. In 1642 civil war
erupted in England, with Cromwell leading the rebellion against Charles I.
In 1644, when Richard returned to England to marry Elizabeth Curtis, the
civil war between Cromwell's party and the King's loyalists was in full
On 19 Jul 1645, Richard Bankes, Abraham Preble, Thomas Curtis and John
Twisden jointly purchased from Sir Fernando Gorges and from William Hooke
land in the area of present-day York, ME. They made another purchase on 20
Nov 1645 of tracts of land qwned by Sir Ferdinando Gorges, The Lord
Proprietor, and of William Hooke, one of the patentees. It is of interest
to note in this connection that his companion Abraham Preble married Judith
Tilden of Scituate, daughter of the emigrant Nathaniel.(York Co., ME, Deed
Bk 1, p 101 and Bk 2, p 179)
On 18 Mar 1647, Richard was named an overseer in a will at "Georgeana
in the Province of Maine" (Province and Court Records of Maine 1928, vol 1,
p 126-127) On 2 Jul 1650, Richard was a juror for trial of Robert Collins
when Collins was found guilty of incontinentcy, but not of rape. (Province
and Court Records of Maine, vol 1, p 143) Richard had twenty acres of
land laid out to him and signed submission to Massachusetts at the dwelling
house of Nicholas Davis at York, on 22 November 1652. Roland Young, the
ancestor of the Young family of Annapolis, Nova Scotia, signed this paper
at the same place and date. On 22 Nov 1652, Richard Banckes took the oath
of freemen at Accomentius.
During his residence at York, MA [now Maine] Richard was provincial
councillor (1651, 1652), selectman (1653, 1654,1656, 1659, 1676, 1679,
1680). He was selected as a juror in 1649, 1653, 1655, 1656, 1658, 1661,
1662, 1664, 1665, 1668, 1669, and 1671. He was a trial justice or
"commissioner" in 1669, 1672, & 1679. He was a court appraiser in 1659,
1663, 1671, 1676, 1679, 1681, 1686, and 1691. In 1652 he was tax
commissioner. In 1673 he was overseer of the county prison. In 1681 he was
listed as one of those swearing allegiance to the King. In 1654, he was the
losing party in a suit brought for trespass involving title to marsh lands
in York.
Theodore Leslie Banks notes that: "In 1655, when Richard married his
third wife, Elizabeth Alcock, Cromwell was in his second year a Lord
Protector of England, and that Charles I had been beheaded 6 years
In 1662, Richard signed the petition against Esquire Gorges, the
grandson of Sir Fernando Gorges who founded the area. (Province and Court
Records of Maine, vol 1, p 198-9) In 1673, he and Edward Rishworth were
joint signers of a letter inviting delegates to a council to settle the
Rev. Shubael Dummer, H.C. 1656 (his brother-in-law, they having married
sisters), as pastor of the church at York. Rev. Dummer was shot, and
killed, at his own door by Indians in Massacre of 1692.
Several shipments to Richard Bankes in New England are listed in The
Complete Book of Emigrants, 1661-1699, Peter W. Coldham, Genealogical
Publishing Co., 1990, as follows: 14-27 Feb 1677 shippers by the Albemarle,
London, for New England. Richard Banks one of a group scheduled to receive
the shipment 26 Mar-8 May 1679 shippers by the William and Henry, London,
for New England. Richard Banks one of a group scheduled to receive the
shipment 30 Jan-18 Mar 1685. Consignments to London merchants made by New
England merchants included Richard Banks. In Dec 1684, "Mr. Richard Banke"
was listed as one of the creditors of the estate of Capt. Jno. Corwine
(debt of 2 lbs, 4 sh., 2d.) (Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of
Essex County, Massachusetts, vol IX, p 563)
In 1686 a Mr. Richard Bankes and Dr. Benj. Sullivant were elected the
first church wardens of an Anglican church in Boston, MA. (The New England
Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 1, p 201.) Boston was just then
becoming a small town and a small commercial center. Since Boston is
relatively close to southern Maine, it is possible that Richard operated
from both Boston and York, ME. The author of the history of that first
church feels Richard of York, ME and Richard of Boston are one and the same
person. (Henry W. Foote, Annals of King's Chapel. Boston, Little Brown &
Co., 1896, vol II, p 90)
Richard also generated other entries in the Boston records over a
several-year period. For example, he made a claim on the estate of Capt.
Jno. Corwine in Dec 1684 in nearby Essex Co. (Records and Files of the
Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, vol IX, Essex Institute,
Salem, 1921, p 563) He was the defendant in three suits in the inferior
courts, in 1685 and 1686, and the inferior court offered William Pounce the
choice of receiving 20 lashes or becoming a servant to Richard. (Abstract
and Index of the Records of the Inferior Court of Pleas (Suffolk County
Court) Held at Boston, 1680-1698. The Historical Records Survey, Boston,
1940) Richard was also on the tax rolls of Boston in this same restricted
period in 1685 and 1686. However, neither he nor his known family appear in
the birth or marriage records of Boston, arguing for a quick appearance
there and then a return back to York. (First Report of the Record
Commissioners of the City of Boston, 1876, Rockwell and Churchill, Boston,
1876) [After King Philip's War with the Indians ended in 1676, apparently
residents of York, ME were seeking refuge from a new wave of Indian attacks
by temporarily moving to southern parts of New England. Richard's son John
may have been in Connecticut and Rhode Island(Penobscot Pioneers by Bray C.
Howard, p.32)
So these entries for Richard in the 1680s may be related to his taking
refuge from Indian attacks.]
His last entry in the York records was 3 Apr 1691 when he was appointed
an appraiser (York Records, vol 1, p 65) [All info from "The Bank(e)s
Family of Maine," Charles E. Banks, Jul 1890, New England Hist. & Gen. R.,
vol 44, p 259]
Richard was killed 21 January 1692 when Indians and French raided,
killing 48 and capturing 70 others. This raid was but one of a continuing
series of raids and counterraids. There is no mention of his sons Samuel
and Job after that date so they may have likewise perished. His house was
burned but his barn was left standing, Preble's garrison was the only other
building in the vicinity that was not burned. Those who took shelter there
were able to hold off the attacking Indians. His widow and two remaining
sons made an agreement, on 22 April 1696, for the division of his estate
(see "History of the Indian Wars of New England" by Sylvester
The administration of Richard's estate was ordered 28 Nov 1693.
(Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, 1972 reprint by S.
Noyes, C.T. Libby & W.G. Davis, p 75) On 22 Apr 1696, his widow and two
sons agreed to a divison of the estate. (York Co., ME Deed Bk 6, p 123)
Death info from "The Bank(e)s Family of Maine," Charles E. Banks, Jul 1890,
New England Hist. & Gen. R., vol 44, has 1692. (quoting York Co., ME Deed
Bk 6, p 123) He was married to Elizabeth ALCOCK in 1655.
17. Elizabeth ALCOCK was born in 1636. Elizabeth is mentioned in her
father's will in 1675 (Province and Court Records of Maine, 1931,
II:503-505) Richard BANCKS and Elizabeth ALCOCK had the following children:
8 i.John BANKS.
ii.Samuel BANKS was born in 1659 in York, Maine. He died in 1692 in
York, Maine.
iii.Job BANKS was born in 1662 in York, Maine. He died in 1692 in York,
iv.Banks JOSEPH Lt. was born in 1667 in York, Maine. He died on March
29, 1745 in York, Maine. bur. Old Burying Yard, York, York Co., ME Birth
info as submitted to Ancestral File database. But b. abt 1667 acc. to "The
Bank(e)s Family of Maine," by Charles E. Banks, Jul 1890, New England Hist.
& Geneal. R., vol 44, p 260, quoting a deposition made in York, ME in 1727
(York Deeds xii 148). On 28 Feb 1694, Joseph Bankes married Elizabeth
Harmon. (History of York Co., Maine, no author, 1880, biograhpy of Esreff
Banks) On 28 Aug 1712, "at a Council held at Portsmouth the 28th day of
August 1712, the Council being informed by Capt. Preble of York that he
discovered Lieut. Banks of the same place, who had been at Casco Bay last
Saturday, and there the said Banks understood that there were 400 Indians
had marched six days before towards this and the Massachusetts Govt. and
there then and about Cascoe Bay, 40 Indian Canoos with a number of Indians,
intending as supposed, some ill Designe, but where they might attempt not
known..." (Provinicial Papers, Documents and Records Relating to the
Province of New Hampshire, vol II, Bouton) On 2 Dec 1712, Job Acock
[Alcock] wrote his will at Portsmouth, NH. He left cousins John Banckes,
JOSEPH BANCKES, and John Snell the ffarme owned at York [now in Maine].
(Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire, vol I, p 697, Albert S.
Batchellor, 1907)
By his marriage, Joseph became a landed proprietor in Saco and other
eastern settlements. He was styled Lieut. in legal documents. ("The
Bank(e)sFamily of Maine," Charles E. Banks, Jul 1890, New England Hist. &
Gen. R., vol 44, p 260)*Death info as submitted to Ancestral File database.
The tombstone is listed as having the date 29 Mar 1745. (Maine Cemetery
Inscriptions: YorkCounty, vol 3, p 2354, Maine Old Cemetery Assn., 1995)
This latter source provided the burial information)
18. Peter TURBAT died about 1699. He was born in Bredon, Wiltshire, Eng..
He was married to Sarah SAUNDERS in 1669.
19. Sarah SAUNDERS was born on August 20, 1646 in Newbury, Mass.. [Notes
by Everett P. Inman]
After the death of her husband, Peter Turbat, she married Daniel Goodwin of
Berwick, ME. She sold land in the `Coxhall tract' 29 Jun 1687. Peter
TURBAT and Sarah SAUNDERS had the following children:
9i.Elizabeth TURBAT.
20. Peter WEARE was born on December 14, 1618. He died on January 25,
1691/92 in York, Maine. He was married to Mary Pooke PUDDINGTON in 1666 in
York, Maine.
21. Mary Pooke PUDDINGTON was born in 1632 in Tiverton, Devon, England.
She died on January 28, 1718/19 in York, Maine. Peter WEARE and Mary Pooke
PUDDINGTON had the following children:
10i.Elias WEARE.
22. Mainwaring HILTON was born in 1627 in Dover, Stratford, New Hampshire.
He died in July 1671. He was married to Mary MOULTON in 1670.
23. Mary MOULTON was born on January 25, 1651/52 in Hampton, Rockingham,
New Hampshire. She died in November 1725 in York, Maine. Mainwaring
HILTON and Mary MOULTON had the following children:
11i.Magdalene HILTON.

34. John ALCOCK was born about 1604 in Mersham, York, England. He died on
June 21, 1673 in York, Maine. He was buried in Kittery, York, ME. John
Alcocke, notes by Eleanor Banks Vines
Probably before 1643, John Alcocke came from England to York, Maine. His
name appears June 16, 1643 when he bought a homestead in York. He lived
there thirty years, acquiring other land and devoting himself to private
interests, rather than public office. Between 1671 and July of 1675 he
died; on the latter date administration of his estate was granted to his
son, Joseph, and sons-in-law, Shubael Dummer and Richard Banks. His wife,
Elizabeth was living at this time, but was not listed among the heirs.
Their children were: Joseph, Mary, Job, Hannah, Sarah, Lydia, Elizabeth
(married Richard Banks), Samuel.
[Notes by Everett P. Inman]
Also Allcock, Allcocke, Alcott. He was a planter at York, ME as early as
1639. His servant John Smith ran away and was returned to him by court
order Sep 9,1640. He rented land of Wm. Hooke 16 Jun 1643. He was a juror
in 1647. Bought land at Cape Neddicke Beach 16 Jul 1650. Submitted to Mass
govt and was aptd. a sgt 22 Nov 1652. His estate was settled Mar 1675. John
was one of the wealthiest men in York County, Maine, with a "large
property...on Alcock's Neck." He was a Sergeant in the town militia, a
member of the first Board of Selectmen in 1652,and Selectman in many
succeeding years.

35. Elizabeth. John ALCOCK and Elizabeth had the following children:

17i.Elizabeth ALCOCK.

38. Lt. John SAUNDERS5 was born on March 26, 1613 in Lanford, Wiltshire,
Eng.. He died in July 1670 in Salem, Mass. From The supplement to the
History of Annapolis County by Savary.
"Saunders or Sanders (p.597). The name Saundres, probably another form
of the same name, is of great antiquity in Wiltshire. where it is found in
the "Inquisitiones post mortem," temp. Edw. III.,in the early part of the
fourteenth century, perhaps still earlier in other records. Much that is
erroneous has been published about the origins of this family. John
Sanders, of Langford, Wilts, husbandman aged 25, came to America in 1638 in
the ship Confidence, the same vessel that brought Augustin Bearce, the
ancestor of the Barss family of Nova Scotia (See Drake's "Founders of
N.E.," pg.58). His wife must have soon died, perhaps on the voyage, for he
married the same year Hester, daughter of John and Ann Rolfe, of Newbury,
and had nine children recorded, 1639-1655. The father returned to England.
James, supposed to be a relative of the above John, b. about 1643. d. Dec.
9, 1721, m., 1st, at Haverhill, June 14, 1669, Sarah Page, who d. Mar.
23,1685; 2nd,Oct.20, 1687, Hannah Tewkesbury."
Notes by Everett P. Inman]
Came to Mass. in the Confidence on 11 Apr 1638 with 1st wife, Sarah,
John Cole and his four servants, Roger Eastman, William Cottle, Richard
Blake, and Robert King. With his 2nd
marriage he had children: Hester, John, Ruth, Sarah, Mary, Abigail, Joseph
&Elizabeth. He returned to Weeks, Downton in 1655 and made kinsman, Richard
Dole, his attorney for business in New England. He was married to Hester
ROLFE in 1639.
39. Hester ROLFE was born on April 2, 1616 in Merchant Parke, Wiltshire,
Eng.. Lt. John SAUNDERS and Hester ROLFE had the following children:
i.John SAUNDERS was born on September 1, 1640. He died in June 1694.
ii.James SAUNDERS was born in 1643. He died on December 9, 1721 in
Haverhill, Mass.
19iii.Sarah SAUNDERS.
40. Peter WEARE was born in Glouster. Peter WEARE had the following
20i.Peter WEARE.
42. George PUDDINGTON was born in 1597 in Tiverton, Devon, England. He
died in 1661 in York, Maine. The Puddingtons employed 800 people and also
owned may tenement buildings. Great losses were suffered in Tiverton where
53 houses collapsed in the great flood of 15 October 1625. Tiverton
suffered fires in 1598, 1612 and 1731. In the fire of 1598 fifty persons
lost their lives and 900 households were ruined. In 1626 Tiverton also
suffered from the Plague. In 1624 the Puddingtons were unable to pay their
bills and they were sued by a Braborne to forfeit their houses and
tenements. Named in the suit were George and Robert Puddington. He
immigrated to Maine circa 1635 from England with his family and his
brother. He made a will in 1647 at York Co., ME. He was married to Mary
POOKE on February 5, 1629/30 in St. Peter's, Tiverton.
43. Mary POOKE was born about 1609. She died on October 6, 1691 in York,
Maine. George PUDDINGTON and Mary POOKE had the following children:
21i.Mary Pooke PUDDINGTON.
44. William HILTON6 was born in 1585 in Northwich, Chesire, England. He
died on June 30, 1656 in York, Maine. Came on the Fortune, of London,
Thomas Barton, Master. Arrived at Cape Cod November 9, 1621 with 35
passengers. The all settled at Plymouth. The following is a letter home
from William Hilton...Loving Cousin,
At our arrival at New Plymouth, in New England, we found all our
friends and planters in good health, though they were left sick and weak,
with very small means; the Indians round about us peaceable and friendly;
the country very pleasant and temperate, yielding naturally, of itself,
great store of fruits, as vines of divers sorts, in great abundance. There
is likewise walnuts, chestnuts, small nuts and plums, with much variety of
flowers, roots and herbs, no less pleasant than wholesome and profitable.
No place hath more gooseberries and strawberries, nor better. Timer of all
sorts you have in England doth cover the land, that affords beasts of
divers sorts, and great flocks of turkeys, quails, pigeons and partridges;
many great lakes abounding with fish, fowl, beavers, and otters. The sea
affords us great plenty of all excellent sorts of sea-fish, as the rivers
and isles doth variety of wild fowl of most useful sorts. Mines we find, to
our thinking; but neither the goodness nor quality we know. Better grain
cannot be than the Indian corn, if we will plant it upon as good ground as
a man need desire. We are all freeholders; the rent-day doth not trouble
us; and all those good blessings we have, of which and what we list in
their seasons for taking. Our company are, for the most part, very
religious, honest people; the word of God sincerely taught us ever Sabbath;
so that I know not any thing a contented mind can here want. I desire your
friendly care to send my wife and children to me, where I wish all the
friends I have in England; and so I rest. Your loving kinsman, William
(Smith: New England Trials, Arber Ed., 261.)
HILTON family History.
This family is the most ancient in England to bear a coat of arms. The
ancestral castle, built in 1072, still stands in the valley of the River
Weir, Durham England. It was constructed on land granted by William the
Conqueror to the first Baron of Hylton, for services rendered during the
Norman campaigns. There is written record, predating the castle, of Sir
Adam de Hylton in AD 925 giving over 3 bushels of silver coin for a great
crucifix for the Monastery of Hartelfod. The Hylton coat of arms was
engraved on that ancient building.This family has fought in most every
Battle of consequence. The ancient Musgrave manuscript has the following
reference: "War seems to have been the pleasure, genius and recreation of
the Hiltons: nor has any family been more lavish of their blood in defense
of their country's cause. Hiltons were slain in battle at Faversham in
Kent; Normandy; Mentz in France: three in the Holy wars under Richard 1;
three at the battle Bordeaux under the Black Prince; one at Agincourt; two
at Berwick on Tweed against the Scots; two at the battle of St. Albans;
five at Market Bosworth and four at Flodden Field." He was married to Mary
WINSLOW in 1616.
45. Mary WINSLOW was born in 1600. William HILTON and Mary WINSLOW had
the following children:
22i.Mainwaring HILTON.
46. Thomas MOULTON was born in 1608 in Great Ormesby, Norfolk, England.
He died in 1703 in Hampton, New Hampshire. The Planters of the
Commonwealth" states he arrived 08 June 1637 on the "Rose" He was married
to Martha in 1638 in Newbury, Hampton, N.H..
47. Martha was born in 1610. She died in 1711 in York, Maine. Thomas
MOULTON and Martha had the following children:
23i.Mary MOULTON.

68. George ALCOCK7 was born in March 1581 in Leichestershire. He died in
December 1640 in Roxbury, Mass.. George came with Governor Winthrop in
1630 with his wife (Ann), a sister of the Rev. Thomas Hooker, leaving son
John at home in England. His wife died and he went back for John and
brought back a second wife, Elizabeth. George was a physician and a
Representative at the first Court, 14 May 1634, and a Deacon. He was
married to Ann HOOKER.
69. Ann HOOKER. George ALCOCK and Ann HOOKER had the following children:
34i.John ALCOCK.
76. John SAUNDERS was born in 1572 in Downton, Wiltshire, Eng.. He died
on September 28, 1643 in Salem, Mass. He was married to Alice COLES on
February 4, 1609/10 in Downton, Wiltshire, Eng..
77. Alice COLES was born in 1591 in Downton, Wiltshire, Eng.. She died in
1636 in Salem, Mass. John SAUNDERS and Alice COLES had the following
38i.Lt. John SAUNDERS.
ii.Elizabeth SAUNDERS was born in 1614 in Downton, Wiltshire, Eng..
iii.Sarah SAUNDERS was born in 1615 in Downton, Wiltshire, Eng.. She
died on November 1, 1679 in Salisbury, Mass.
iv.Joserh SAUNDERS was born in 1617 in Downton, Wiltshire, Eng.. He died
in 1689.
v.Moses SAUNDERS was born about 1622.
78. John ROLFE8 was born on April 24, 1589 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire,
Eng.. He died on March 29, 1664 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. His
will was probated 29 Mar 1664. He came to MA in the Confidence on 11 Apr
1638. Settled in Salisbury; he moved to Newbury. He was married to Joane
Ann COLES on November 2, 1612 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, Eng..
79. Joane Ann COLES was born in 1591 in Whiteparish, Whiltshire, Eng..
She died in 1638 in Newbury, Mass.. John ROLFE and Joane Ann COLES had the
following children:
39i.Hester ROLFE.
84. Robert PUDDINGTON was born about 1570 in Tiverton, Devon, England. He
died in 1631 in Tiverton, Devon, England. Puddington is a parish in
Witheridge Hundred, Archdeanery of Barnstable, County of Devon and is 16
miles north of Exeter. The family took its name from this parish. John,
Richard, and Andrew Puddington appear to have been contemporary resident of
Tiverton during the last half of the sixteenth century. They were weavers
and clothiers.
85. Amy DAVIS. Robert PUDDINGTON and Amy DAVIS had the following children:
42i.George PUDDINGTON.
88. William HILTON was born in 1535 in Lancaster, Lancanshire, Eng.. He
died on February 8, 1604/5 in Northwich, Chesire, England. He was married
to Ellen MAINWARING in 1569.
89. Ellen MAINWARING died on March 27, 1606 in Northwich, Chesire,
England. see WFT cd #1 it possible that her father is Edward
Mainwaring b.1515 in Whitmore. His line goes back to the Norman conquest.
William HILTON and Ellen MAINWARING had the following children:
44i.William HILTON.
92. Robert MOULTON was born in 1565 in Scratby, Norfolk, Eng.. He died in
October 1633 in Scratby, Norfolk, Eng.. He was married to Mary SMITH on
May 15, 1595 in Hemsby, Norfolk, Eng..
93. Mary SMITH was born in 1580 in Caister by-the-sea, Eng.. She died in
April 1636 in Great Ormesby, Norfolk, England. Robert MOULTON and Mary
SMITH had the following children:
46i.Thomas MOULTON.

152. Henry SANDERS was born about 1552 in Downton, Wiltshire, Eng..
153. Sibyl. Henry SANDERS and Sibyl had the following children:
76i.John SAUNDERS.
154. Barnaby COLES was born about 1559. Barnaby COLES had the following
77i.Alice COLES.
156. John ROLFE was born in 1550 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, Eng.. He died
on October 8, 1624 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, Eng..
157. Honor was born in 1552 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, Eng.. She died on
July 8, 1617 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, Eng.. John ROLFE and Honor had the
following children:
78i.John ROLFE.
158. John COLES was born about 1564. He was married to Joane MARSHE on
May 25, 1585.
159. Joane MARSHE was born about 1569 in Sherford, Devon, Eng.. John
COLES and Joane MARSHE had the following children:
79i.Joane Ann COLES.
168. John PUDDINGTON was born about 1540 in Tiverton, Devon, England.
John PUDDINGTON had the following children:
84i.Robert PUDDINGTON.
176. John HILTON was born about 1515. John HILTON had the following
88i.William HILTON.
184. Thomas MOULTON was born in 1535 in Great Ormesby, Norfolk, England.
He died in September 1587 in Great Ormesby, Norfolk, England. He was
married to Joanna GREEN in 1558 in Scratby, Norfolk, Eng..
185. Joanna GREEN was born in 1532. She died in September 1589 in Hemsby,
Norfolk, Eng.. Thomas MOULTON and Joanna GREEN had the following children:
92i.Robert MOULTON.
186. John SMITH was born in 1550. John SMITH had the following children:
93i.Mary SMITH.

312. Henry ROLFE was born in 1515 in Hamptworth, Downton Parish,
Wiltshire, Eng.. He died on June 9, 1558 in St. Lawerance Ch., Douniton,
Wiltshire, Eng. He was married to Agnes BUTLER in 1549.
313. Agnes BUTLER was born in 1520 in Dedham, Essex, Eng.. She died on
October 14, 1580 in Dedham, Essex, Eng.. Henry ROLFE and Agnes BUTLER had
the following children:
156i.John ROLFE.
314. Richard was born in 1526 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, Eng.. Richard
had the following children:

336. Andrew PUDDINGTON was born about 1510 in Tiverton, Devon, England.
He died in 1588 in Tiverton, Devon, England. Tiverton was a center for
weaving and clothing and is known today for its fine lace. The wool
industry was established in the 14th century and was the principal business
for 400 years. In 1612 8,000 people were thus employed. To help the
industry a law was passed that all corpses had to be wrapped in wool.
337. Joane. Andrew PUDDINGTON and Joane had the following children:
368. Robert MOULTON was born in 1510 in Scratby, Norfolk, Eng. Robert
MOULTON had the following children:
184i.Thomas MOULTON.
370. Richard GREEN died in 1561. Richard GREEN had the following children:
185i.Joanna GREEN.

626. Thomas BUTLER was born in 1500 in Dedham, Essex, Eng.. He died on
October 15, 1555 in Dedham, Essex, Eng..
627. Joane was born in 1504 in Dedham, Essex, Eng.. Thomas BUTLER and
Joane had the following children:
313i.Agnes BUTLER.

736. John MOULTON was born about 1490 in Scratby, Norfolk, Eng. He died
about 1549 in Scratby, Norfolk, Eng.
737. Agnes. John MOULTON and Agnes had the following children:
368 i.Robert MOULTON.

1472. Robert MOULTON was born in 1465 in Great Ormsby, Norfolk, Eng.
Robert MOULTON had the following children:
736i.John MOULTON.

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