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From: <>
Subject: [AYR] 1841C Pritchard in Kilwinning
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 16:26:11 -0700

I am at the moment logged onto my Webmail at the local FHC where they have the full 1841 Census on film. Hugh PRITCHARD Cotton Hand Loom Weaver and family [ED11 p8] including Kenneth are very clearly entered, no question on the names whatsoever.

Kenneth IS entered into the female column surely by mistake. Hugh 40, James 20, Hugh 15, Robert 15 & William 2, are entered as males. Mary 15, Barbara 10, Ann 8, & Jean 6, are entered as females. I've made photocopies if you wish to view them. Or are you thinking the ENUMERATOR made a mistake with 'Kenneth's' entry altogether. Meg Greenwood / Oklahoma USA

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