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From: "David Thom" <>
Subject: [AYR] 1841 entry
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 00:17:14 +0100

My great x 3 grandmother was one JANET GALBRAITH, born 23rd. January 1794
in Taiglum [Drongan]in the parish of Stair. Her parents were DAVID
GALBRAITH and JEAN (Jane) BREAKENRIDGE who married in Symington (Ayrshire)
on 23rd. March 1789, after which the family moved to Taiglum , and had
seven known children.
Janet’s parents appear in some records as DAVID GALBRAITH and WRIGHT(?)
David Galbraith was a ‘wright’ (an industrial carpenter) and his
occupation has been mistaken for his spouses surname!

JANET GALBRAITH married in Stair (18th. December 1818) to DAVID THOM (a
ploughman) and they had one son, JAMES THOM, born 18/4/1819. David Thom
died on 7/7/1820 (cause unknown) leaving Janet as a young widow.
Despite prolonged and intensive research the family have never discovered
what happened to Janet in widowhood. We have not found any records
relating to a re-marriage, emigration, or later demise, and have always
looked with interest at the 1841 Taiglum census naming one JANET
GALBRAITH, in combination with four daughters:
JEAN WRIGHT (b.12 Dec 1830 Galston Ayrshire - I think it was at Sornhill,
an estate and a farm.)
HELEN WRIGHT (b.10 Aug 1832 Galston Ayrshire)
JANET REID WRIGHT (b.21 Jun 1836 Barony (Glasgow) Lanarkshire.
SARAH WRIGHT (Christened 8 Dec 1839, Stair .)
[Repeated searching has found no further information on ARCHIBALD WRIGHT,
Janet’s wife and father of the children.]

JANET GALBRAITH’s age on the 1841 Census is 45, giving a notional birth
year of 1796 (2 years later than ‘my’ Janet, born 1794.) Were there two
Janets or are these one and the same I ask myself. The ages given on the
older Census returns are often erroneous. ‘My’ Janet, widowed at 25 years
old, probably re-married, and it was normal for married women to use their
maiden names.

The other Galbraith (Galbroth) family appearing on the 1841 Taiglum census
as DAVID & JANAT GALBROTH, were ‘my’ Janet’s brother and his wife Janet

I would be interested to learn more about ARCHIBALD WRIGHT (Was he a
coachman perhaps?) and his spouse JANET, particularly the family’s
movements after Taiglum. Most of all - do you think we have a connection

I Hope this is not intrusive and may be of interest,

Kind Regards,


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