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From: "Jim Bundy" <>
Subject: [AYR] Kilmarnock Kirk Session Minutes, note 4
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 18:18:05 -0700

Hi Listers,

One of the gradual transitions I've seen in my lifetime is the slow erosion of what were called. over here anyway, Blue Laws prohibiting commerce on Sundays. I can remember in my childhood being aware that there were no stores open on Sunday. Obviously this control on Sunday behaviors was much stronger in 1646.

Jim Bundy

Page 22

The whilk day compeared Robert Gilmour and accused of going to Kyle on the saboth day to buy corne, refused to probation

Thomas Cruiks and Johne Torence are refered to tryell

Johne Boyd in Craig delat suspect of fornication with Jonet Faullis and sudt compeirand, purged himself by his oath that he was free of hir

Hew Dunbar, Jon Nicoll, Rot Wylie, James Andro David Ful Alexr Rose compered not

Sess agust 20 1646

The session apoyntys Jonet Mair adultress and Jonet Baird relapse in fornication to be receaved the nixt saboth of they give sygnes of repentance

Johne Wylie in Rowallan Is ordained to ne sudt to the nixt session, for his giving obedience for his scandall of adultrie with Margaret Wilson

Robert Gilmour compered not

Anent the scandall of James Cruik wobster, and Johne Torrence, compered Jonet Smith spous to Wm Miller, declared that she saw them bot ane pynt aill and some meitt, the which being knowne true, and James Cruiks wanting ane hous for the tyme, an Johne Torrence being his servant The session thinks them not censurable publicklie, but ordaines them to acknowledge yr offence before the session, and to take said to themselves hereafter that the lyke offence be not given

William Miller delat for drnkness and sudt comperand, denyed the same, the which notwithstanding beinge proven by some elders wt the session finding him to be inclyned to the sinne somewhat, thinks fitt that he acknowledge his fault before them, is respect he was not as yet admonished with exhortation to absteence from the occasion yroff upon his hohow(?) in tyme comeing

Robert Wylie David Hil bonetmakers, James Andro, and Alexr Rose comperand confest ther drinking in Issobell Adams hous upon ane saboth morning being ane fast, but alleged that they drank not merkle, but the session finding it to be soone in the moring, and that they stayed a space to geten ordaines them to satisfie publicklie, and pay yr penaltie according to order

Hew Dunbar comperand denyed his drnkness refered to probation

Johne Nicoll comperand, who being accused of disobedience declared he was sick, and denyed his drnknes. Refered to probation

James Wight in crukedholme delat for drnknes

The session gives power to Johne Mowatt Baillie, Jon Hamilton Alexr Wylie, and Jon Miller to decyde the questions that sall aryse betwixt the owners and buyers of the plundered geir, anent the pryces theroff

Sess Agust 27

The qlk day compered Johne Wylie in Rowallan suspect of adultrie with Margaret Wilson, whose oath and purgation for sundrie considerations were relayd after his satisfaction for the said scandall, and tooke in hand to purge himself by his oath of the said sinne in face of the congregation the nixt saboth according to the present ordinance of the session

Compered Robert Harper tawpe beinge delat and sudt suspect of fornication with Jean Craig, and purged himselfe by his oath, that he is full of the said alleg sinne, the session becaus of some presumptions Inhibits them to hannt our envlpes company in any suspicious way.

Compered Arthure Wylie bonnetmaker and offered obedience for his relapse in fornication first with Sara Smith and nixt with Jonet Murkle, who removing from the paroche after the re mission of the said acts wt almbing Is ordained to stand teo saboth dayes and pay fore punds of penaltie according to the order

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