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Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 17:25:31 +0100
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I was just trying to read some information about Riccarton on various sites
on the internet

It seems that in 1801, the total population of Riccarton was just under 2000
so it seems likely that any Goldies there, would be related

Here in the Hebrides people are related to each other, they dont necessarily
know how, but know that they are - generations back. Even in the small
village I was born in, in Yorkshire, there were people with the same name as
us, my Granny used to say "no relation", but Ive since found out they were
indeed related a couple of generations back

With the lack of Scottish records, my guess is that we'll never find out!

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> Just to confuse the issue I thought I would flag up my GOLDIE's in
> Riccarton, Ayrshire in case there are any links.
> My ancestral line has Hugh GOLDIE b 1733, married to Grizzel TORRANCE at
> Riccarton in 1758. Their son John GOLDIE married a Jean DOUNIE (Downie,
> Downey) in 1789 and they had daughter Lillias GOLDIE in 1790.
> This Lillias Goldie married a farmer at South Onthank, Kilmarnock, called
> Hugh MORTON, and they had children William, Ann, Lillias, Robert, Sarah,
> Jeanie and Hugh. Their daughter Jeanie MORTON married Matthew CRAIG who
> was
> one of the brothers of J&M Craig Ltd in Kilmarnock.
> If anyone has any links to these people it would be good to hear from you.
> Thanks,
> Ann
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>> Hi Ruth and Irene,
>> Thanks for your replies. Goldies in Ayrshire are quite a mystery as
>> they seem to me to be thinly spread across the county! I don't know
>> how to connect those in the 1700s and by the 1800s as far as I know I
>> have no male Goldies so the name disappears. I don't even know why
>> the apparently eldest daughter was given the first name Douglass.
>> You'd imagine that after only one child they'd still have hopes of a
>> boy to name Douglas.
>> Of course their surname was Andrew but Douglass named her children:
>> Hugh (for Douglass' father)
>> Elizabeth (for Douglass' mother)
>> Thomas (maybe for William's father - I don't know who his parents were)
>> William (Douglass' husband)
>> James
>> Ann (maybe for William's mother)
>> I have just found a message on the list from Wendy back in February:
>> <<SURNAMES - McGuire, Lamont, Goldie, Doctor, Powrie
>> The 1861 census for Ardrossan at 34 Drakemere Street for the home of
>> James McGuire and his wife Margaret listed their children as well as
>> the following GOLDIE children. Does anyone know how to find out who
>> their parents are?
>> Name Relation Age Occupation Place of Birth
>> John Goldie visitor 12 scholar Ayrshire Dalry
>> Hugh Goldie visitor 12 scholar Ayrshire Dalry
>> Janet Goldie visitor 9 scholar Ayrshire Dalry>>
>> It looks as if John and Hugh were twins. Any Hugh Goldie is of
>> interest to me so if anyone can see where they came from??
>> Unfortunately born before compulsory registration.
>> Cheers,
>> Mary
>> At 07:33 AM 12/08/2008, Irene Mitchell wrote:
>>> > I have an 1859 Marriage certificate John MCONNACHIE m Grace Matilda
>>> > GOLDIE,
>>> > Patna, Ayrshire.
>>> > Grace's F: James GOLDIE , inn keeper, M: Marion Goldie Ms RAMSAY.
>>> > I am curious to know WHERE James GOLDIE was an inn keeper?
>>> >
>>> Ruth
>>>According to the 1861 Census, James Goldie was Inkeeper at No. 6 Patna
>>>Village, Parish of Straiton. Will send you full Census details
>>>Irene in BC
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