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Subject: [AYR] searching for descendants of Mary Ballantyne
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 11:40:37 -0000

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Author: ChristinaStewart99
Surnames: Ballantyne, Stewart
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My name is Christina Stewart, I am a New Zealand-born granddaughter of Bill "Bronc" Stewart from New Cumnock, who immigrated to NZ around 1939 leaving behind 10 brothers and sisters, their descendants still plaging the area so I see.
I'm trying to solve a family mystery that has puzzled my family ever since my grandfather passed away in the late 1950's.
In his will he made mention of a mysterious Mary Ballantyne of a Burnside Farm. This was the first anyone had heard about her.

It was not til a month ago when I paid a visit to New Cumnock, and went to visit my last remaining 90 something great-aunt that I discovered a secret. According to her, Mary Ballantyne was an old girlfriend of my grandfathers, whom he had a female child (name unknown) with out of wedlock. Because of family politics, and the stigma of illigitimacy etc, she wasn't able to tell me much more than that, other than Mary had been a bus conductoress, and her family were likely from the Cumnock area?.

We surmise Mary is probably long deceased by now, but my father and uncles would like to make contact with their long lost half sister, born some time in the 1930s, or any descendants.
If anyone has any information that could help, please reply

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