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From: Mary Paton <>
Subject: Re: [AYR] MACKIE
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2008 20:13:08 +0800
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At 06:44 AM 9/08/2008, Mike Boyd wrote:
>"Press gang" usually meant that you were grabbed and forced to do
>work. It was quite often used by the British Navy to man warships.

Hi Gail & Mike,

Yes - according to my cousin our ancestor was probably drunk in some
port between Tongue and Ayr and a press gang captured him and heaved
him on board a Navy Ship from which he later escaped. Despite the
manner of being press-ganged, I think it was illegal to escape from a
Navy ship so if there is any truth to our family lore, he'd have had
to hide somewhere inland after jumping ship. How he got to Auchinleck?


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