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Hello Mary,

I descend from Matthew Mackie of Ayrshire, who emigrated in 1865 and landed in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where later he married (second marriage) my great great grandmother, Mary Eleanor Hughes.? Matthew was part of a large family of James Mackie and Agnes Ross Watson.? James was the grandson of Matthew Mackie and ESther Arnot, also of Ayrshire.? I have some other family information, but will have to drag out paper copies as I lost a good deal of data a few years back when I bought a new computer and didn't save data from my Generations software correctly--silly me.

What does press-ganged mean?

?Gayle Thorpe Baar, MS, MLS
Irving, Texas

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At 12:17 AM 7/08/2008, you wrote:
>Some 1786 death notices, source as usual "Scots Magazine"
>Lately-Dalry, John MACKIE, farmer, Campbell (Camphill?) 103, farm in
>family over 300 years, eldest son 70, 13 other sons.

Hello Lois and List,

This came from the gatewayed message Marshall and McCosh but I'm
replying directly to the list as this has nothing to do with
Marshalls or McCoshs. I may try to send it to the gateway as well.

I have Mackies in Ayrshire from the early 1800s. They spelled their
name variously Mackie, McKee, McKie, McKay, Mackay - even siblings
chose different spellings.

My MacKay first-cousin told me that our 'original' ancestor arrived
in Ayrshire from Tongue, having been a pilot who brought ships down
the Minch. He was, so she had been told, press-ganged en route and
managed to escape in Ayrshire.

This may be a true family story - but it may also be totally
fabricated! Now that I saw in the above death notice that John Mackie
who died 1786 had 13 brothers - I wonder, if I am in fact descended
from one of them - and 300 years in Ayrshire!

My earliest known McKee ancestor is ggg-grandfather George McKee who
married Mary Reid in 1803 in Old Cumnock.

Is anyone else familiar with this family?

Thanks for any ideas.

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