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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Book: From AR to CA Gold Rush
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 10:41:18 EST

Hey, Gang, thought you might like to know about this, since it has come up in
our discussions about those who went to California! I borrowed this from
Washington County, AR List.

Peggy in Tulsa
* * *
Subj: [ARWASHIN] Gold Rush 49ers from Washington Co.

I received a copy of CHEROKEE TRAIL DIARIES by Fletcher, Fletcher, and
Whiteley this weekend. This is a terrific 400 page account of both the 1849
and 1850 trips and well worth the $29.00.

On pp. 24 and 25, there are the names of Washington Co. folks who were on
the 1849 trip to CA. I found my gg grandfather, Jacob Myers, who was not
mentioned in the Flashback article that I saw.

Here's a list of the names from the book which includes others not mentioned
in Flashback article that I saw.

Lewis Evans
Albert G. Evans,
Leonard Shuler
Gus Shuler
John Rankin Pyeatt
Andrew Pyeatt
Henry Porter Pyeatt
James Carnahan
John Carnahan
James Pierce
Jacob Myers
Samuel McCullock
Dr. James McCullock
George McKey
James Carter
John Carter
George McClure
Kidrick Crumley
Thomas Crumley
James Morrow
Hugh Morrow
William Morrow
Alexander Buchanan Crawford
William Crawford
J.M. Matthews
J.P. Kellum
James Ingram
Robert Williamson
Wiley Cosby
George Nathan Lewis
Peter Mankins
John Van Hoose
Nathan Tharp
James Dickinson
Hiram Davis
John J. Bean
Oscar Bean
Jenjamin Sanders
John Sanders
James L. Cartwright
John R. Cline
George C. North
H.J. McRoy
Joseph Chew
William Mallet
Dr. W.R. Cunningham
Fred P. Sime (Simms)
Edward Freyschlag
Christian Freyschlag
Henry Freyschlag
Barbara Freyschlag
Herminia Freyschlag
Isaac and Caroline Hale (only married couple)
Enos Slover
James Blake
Rev. William (Horse) Wilson
William Goddard
John Ingram
John Powers
Wyatt F. Woodruff
Isaac Murphy
E.H. Avald (Evard)
James Irvin (Irwin)
William Irvin (Irwin)
James Sawyer Crawford
Andrew Alexander Crawford
John M. Wham
Robert Epperson
Thomas Tyner
Aaron Tyner
William Shores
Hiram Shores
Thomas Maxwell
John Newman
B. Whitley
Boly Hand
John Hand
Thomas Creamer
James Divin
Matthew A Divin
John Thomas Edmonson (Edmiston)
A.E. Edmonson (Edmiston)
Nathan Lewis
John Lewis
Jacob Stricklin

James M. Hage (Hoge)
William Hoge
James Andrew Colwell (Colville)
James Garvin
James A. Thomas
Calvin Hall Holmes
Henderson Phineas Holmes
J.W. Hastings
Cuthbert Stokes
George Callahan

Allen Waits (Waite/White)
Joseph Waits (Waite/White)
C.B Sanders
George Sanders
T.J. Kimbrel
Hiram Sumner (Summers)
John A. Sumner (Summers)
James McKenney

There are also names of the Cherokee Nation citizens and a few from TN if
anyone is interested. It was mentioned in the book that many of the wives
listed their departed (to CA) husbands and sons in the 1850 census.

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